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International Integrated oncology training is an Indo – swiss initiative jointly started by certified doctors of India and Switzerland specialised in Conventional oncology and expertise from Complementary and Alternative medicine to train doctors for the practice of integrative and palliative oncology.

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International Integrative Oncology Training

The Indo – Swiss faculty comprising of qualified medical practitioners are pleased to formulate a systematized and insightful training of integrative therapies to be applied in Oncological care.

Based on holistic and scientific understandings this certificate program comprises of didactic theoretical lectures, practical exposure and an interactive learning of these integrated therapies.

Our Training Program

The Indo – Swiss faculty are pleased to formulate a systematized and insightful training with didactic theoretical lectures, scientific understandings and an interactive learning, including a practical exposure of integrated therapies.

The course highlights a specialized training of the use of Mistletoe / Viscum Album extracts as therapy in oncology. In practice the therapy requires an in-depth knowledge from pharmacological, clinical and scientific point of view which when applied in the methodical way would benefit the patient in a long run.

The course also emphasizes on the philosophy of European Anthroposophic medicine, art therapy, music therapy, psycho-oncology & movement therapies like Eurythmy.

Limited Students for Personalised Attention

Every batch comprises of only 25 National & International students for individual personalised attention.

Indo-Swiss Faculty

The Indo Swiss faculty comprises of medical practitioners and university professors from India and Europe having an experience in integrative and palliative oncology.

Supervised Hospital Visits

The practical and observational training is conducted at the Klinic Arlesheim, a center for Integrative Oncology in Switzerland. These specialized visits are supervised and conducted by the team of Oncologists there.

Post Graduate Certification

The post graduate course for doctors only has been granted official certification by the Medical Section at the Gotheanum Switzerland. At the end of 1 year, the student is awarded a special certification in Integrative Oncology including application of Mistletoe therapy in Oncology.

Live Case Demonstrations

With the courtesy of volunteering patients or their care givers, live interactive sessions are conducted for the students. It is here they would hear the patient’s journey in cancer and the role integrated medicine has played in improving not only their quality of life but survival in cancer.

Structured Training

The training program is structured from a clinical, pharmacological, scientific and philosophical aspects required for the treatment of cancer.

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