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International Integrated oncology training is an Indo – swiss initiative jointly started by certified doctors of India and Switzerland specialised in Conventional oncology and expertise from Complementary and Alternative medicine to train doctors for the practice of integrative and palliative oncology.

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Dr. Marion Debus

MD. MEDICAL & HAEMATO ONCOLOGIST, Anthroposophic Physician

Head Department of Oncology, Anthroposophic Physician Klinik Arlesheim, Switzerland.

About Doctor

Dr. Marion Debus received her medical training at Ruhr-University Bochum 1989-1995. She is a medical doctor and trained oncologist most recently based in Arlesheim, Switzerland. She follows Steiner’s anthroposophical system of healing.

In consultation, Marion looks at each case in the context of the type of cancer being treated – offering advice on where to go from there. It is after the chemo is over that so much support is needed. She has great success with mistletoe treatment and tells us how we can take mistletoe at home.


Haematology and Oncology


Arlesheim Clinic in Switzerland

Homeopathic consultant