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International Integrated oncology training is an Indo – swiss initiative jointly started by certified doctors of India and Switzerland specialised in Conventional oncology and expertise from Complementary and Alternative medicine to train doctors for the practice of integrative and palliative oncology.

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Dr. Mathias Girke

Chief Medical Oncologist

Havelhoe Cancer Hospital, Berlin and Head Medical Section, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

About Doctor

Specialist in internal medicine, diabetologist (DDG), Anthroposophic medicine & palliative medicine

  • since 1995 Chief Physician of the General-Internal Department and Deputy Medical Director
  • from 1999 Managing Director of the Society of Anthroposophic Physicians in Germany
  • since 2001 board member of the umbrella organization Anthroposophic Medicine in Germany (DAMID)
  • since 2001 member of the Dialogfroum Pluralismus in der Medizin at the German Medical Association
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Academy of Anthroposophic Medicine and Medical Seminar Anthroposophic Medicine


Internal Medicine

Diabetologist (DDG)

Anthroposophic medicine & palliative medicine